Bill Belichick hasn’t heard from Jaguars or Raiders about possible assistant coach interviews

On Tuesday, the window opens for interviewing assistant coaches from other teams for head-coaching vacancies. Two vacancies already exist, in Jacksonville and Las Vegas.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick was asked during his Monday press conference whether he has heard from the Jaguars or the Raiders about any of the team’s assistant coaches.

“I haven’t heard from anybody,” Belichick said.

Thee’s actually a good reason for that. Technically, the requests can’t be made until 8:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, December 28. So neither he nor anyone else will have heard anything on or before today.

For each team that receives a request, the request can be denied. However, if permission is granted as to one vacancy, it must be granted as to all.

Again, the interviews (virtual only, with maximum duration of two hours) can be conducted only by teams who have head-coaching vacancies or who have informed their current coaches that they won’t return in 2022. The question for today is whether other teams will join the Jaguars and Raiders in getting a head start on interviewing candidates who currently work for other teams.