Halo Infinite expert score 100 free-for-all victories in a row

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode has been out for just over a month now, and players are beginning to get good at it. One player has become exceptionally proficient, having just celebrated a 100 match winning streak in free-for-all mode. Technically it was 105 or 106 games straight, but he stopped counting after hitting his goal.

An Australian content creator who goes by Mint Blitz posted a fun-to-watch highlights reel with commentary showing him nuking his competition (below). He got more than a dozen kills using just the repulsor at one point. As opponents came at him near a ledge, he would just knock them off one after the other.

It all started when someone challenged Blitz to win 50 straight FFA games, but as he passed the initial goal, he raised the bar to 100. He went on to win five or six more games but got killed just as he was trying to kill a player in first. Still, a streak of 100 consecutive wins shows exceptional skill and knowledge of the maps and weapon spawn points.

Blitz had so much fun punking players with the repulsor that he says his next challenge is to win using only the repulsor. It’s a strategy that is not as easy as it sounds. After a while, players will become wise to what he is doing. Careful players will avoid his trap, depriving him of kills, or they’ll be prepared with a plasma grenade or some other means to kill him in his camping location. Of course, that’s half the fun—trying to lure players into an ambush that they know will get them thrown off the ledge.

Players were recently up in arms about rampant cheating in Halo Infinite. Watching Blitz play causes one to wonder if even cheaters would have a chance against him.